Repeat YouTube Video App

Repeat YouTube video, a part of the video, a video chapter, and a song/track of an album video

1. How to repeat a YouTube video?

When watching a video on YouTube or YouTube music, if you want to repeat the video:

  1. On YouTube screen, click Share icon;
  2. In the share sheet, select Repeat YouTube Video app.  (Alternatively, click icon Copy link.)
Then launch Repeat YouTube Video app, and it will start to repeat the video.

2. How to repeat a part of a video?

When watching a video in this App, use and to mark out the part of the video. After clicking or (Replay), the App will repeat the selected portion of the video.

Our New Product: Album Player by Linnet (free)

Play YouTube album videos with features:
   track/song list
   select any song to play
   move to the previous or the next song
   repeat a song
   make folders to manage videos.
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The Repeat YouTube Video App is a third party app, and developed with YouTube. All the video contents are provided by YouTube services

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